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What's On Your Mind?

I Want To Go Contracting

  • Always fancied "going contracting"?
  • Tired of watching other people do the same job but get paid more?
  • Worried about inconsistency of income?
  • Unsure how to get started?

I Want To Be a Better Contractor

  • Stuck "on the bench" for too long?
  • Contracting ending soon and want to get something lined up?
  • Want to increase your profit?
  • Finding contracting 'lonely' and looking for some buddies?

I'm Worried
About IR35

  • Think contracting is "all over"?
  • Heard about IR35 but still don't really know enough?
  • Unsure of your clients stance?​
  • Seeing people "go back perm" or contractors being stopped?

Why We Exist

In a nutshell, I founded Project Mastery to help contract project professionals gain the edge.
The edge that I learned over many years 'at the contracting coalface' and that when shared, propelled
 others forward and quite frankly, made me feel fantastic. 
 I started out many years ago as a Project Management whippersnapper, hustling my way into one client at a time and worked my way up to be Programme Director of some of the largest business transformation programmes in recent years. I then followed my passion for entrepreneurship and used my ill gotten contracting gains to start my own businesses, including keeping my hand "in the game" and consulting for recruitment agencies to get the most out of their client relationships. 
With the unique combination of project management experience, entrepreneurship  and  skin in the recruitment game, I don't believe there is anyone else better placed to help contractors succeed in their careers. My mantra is based around 3 key contracting pillars:-

Mark Pratt — Founder & CEO.

It is fundamental to have the right mindset about your contract career. From finding your “why” to developing a hide like a rhino, we’ll help you develop the mental fortitude required to be a successful contractor and enjoy it!

As a small business owner, the life blood of your business is your reputation, backed by a steady flow of the right offers. At Project Mastery we show you how to build your Personal Brand and how to best position yourself to win the next contract and the next and the one after that. Marketing yourself is NOT a one-off activity, it’s an ongoing machine that needs regular oiling.  

Congrats you’re earning a juicy day rate – now what? Ltd Companies, Companies House, HMRC, Accountancy & Bookkeeping, IR35 … they are all coming for your time and money – and that’s before you develop your exit plan to get the heck out of there with a nice nest egg. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Our Members Love It

If only this had been around sooner, it would have made all of our contracting journey's so much easier, less lonely and ... more fun!
Our community of contractors have access to all these amazing benefits for less than the cost of their daily coffee.

  • In person weekly "MasterClass" events - learn, network and socialise with your peers
  • Unlimited access to our excellent library of online courses - master your MINDSET, MARKETING and MONEY pillars
  • Microsoft Office365 with your own projectmastery.co.uk email address
  • AMAZING contract application tracking tool - keep track of your opportunities like a PRO
  • Online support and discussion community
  • Mentor/mentee matching for every member

Price: £39 + VAT per month

No ongoing commitment, you are free to cancel at any time

What We Do

Our range of services are perfect for project management professionals who want to equip themselves with tools, templates, training and resources to grow their business and keep on top of their game.


This ain’t no chit-chat – this is structured 1:1 time with our lead contractor coach, Mark Pratt. Sessions are in person, phone or video conference to suit you – book with live diary availability

CV Celebrity

CV Writing on steroids, specifically for contractors. We’ll “interview” you first to understand your goals and career history, then create a top-tier contracting CV that will get you to the top-of-the-pile

LinkedIn Legend

92% of contract applications involve a LinkedIn search – you need to be findable, credible and stand-out amongst the crowd. We’ll make your profile tip-top and show you how to keep it that way

The Marketing Full Monty

The full package of Coaching, CV Celebrity and LinkedIn Legend at a big saving and great price point vs. buying individually. With this package you’ll be well on your way to Project Mastery

The Perm2Contract Programme

Our incredible programme which takes you from Permanent employment to your first contract, with 2 days worth of workshops, CV Celebrity, LinkedIn Legend and unlimited coaching until you land your first contract

The Gig Go-Getter Programme

An industry first – this programme puts you, the contractor in the driving seat. Your next contract secured within 60 days or your money back

Contracting Advice

There's no such thing as a free lunch (unless you are meeting with a recruiter) ... but there is such a thing as free advice!

What Our Contractors Say

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Unlimited in person and online masterclasses and networking events, online course library, Office365 with your own projectmastery.co.uk email address, amazing Contract/Job Application tracking tool, online community and mentor and mentee matching all for less than the cost of your daily coffee.